Only The Best For Your Pet

Our goal is to provide the best possible food for your pets. Our ingredients are sourced locally where possible because it means less transportation time which equals fresher food.
Nutrition You Can Trust

Our raw pet food recipes are crafted with premium ingredients, and minimally processed to retain essential vitamins and minerals that cooked pet food can’t provide.

Protein-Packed Nutrition

Our meals are protein-packed to help your pet maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. With the right balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, your pet will have all the energy they need for an active lifestyle.

No More Cooking

Say goodbye to cooking time — Calgary Raw’s raw dog food is pre-prepared and ready-to-eat! You can provide your furry friend with ultimate nutrition without spending hours in the kitchen.


The Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Real Nutrition

Calgary Raw provides wholesome nutrition for all pets by using fresh, real ingredients that you can trust. Our recipes are made with human-grade ingredients and are never cooked to keep more nutrients intact than cooked pet food.

Variety Is Key

We have a wide selection of raw food products for both cats and dogs, so no matter what kind of pet you have, we’ve got you covered. From kibble to freeze-dried treats, find your pet’s new favorite food with Calgary Raw!

For Every Pet

We have something for every pet – from dogs to cats and even rabbits! Pick the pet you’re shopping for and we’ll get you started on your raw journey.

Easy & Convenient

Calgary Raw makes it easy to find your pet’s favorite new food, with easy online ordering, fast delivery, and flexible payment options – so that you can enjoy an effortless shopping experience.

Safety First

Every ingredient used in our Calgary Raw meals is carefully selected for safety and quality. Our ingredients are never cooked, preserving their natural nutritional value for your pet’s optimal health.

Real Food

Our recipes are made with recognizable ingredients like real meat, fruit, and vegetables. We never use processed, lower quality ingredients like by-product meals, fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Easy to Digest and Nutritious

Our recipes are formulated to be easy to digest and provide your pet with all the essential nutrients they need. We use only the best ingredients to ensure your pet is getting the most out of their food.
Calgary Raw offers a variety of balanced recipes so you can choose the one that best fits your pet’s needs. Each recipe is packed with flavor and nutrition to keep your pet healthy and happy!
At Calgary Raw, we understand that every pet has their own unique needs when it comes to nutrition. That’s why we create recipes that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual pet – from puppies to seniors.
Our team of experts has been crafting and perfecting our raw recipes for 20 years and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality raw nutrition for pets. Our ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from nature, so you can trust that your pet is getting all of the essential nutrients they need.
Our meals are designed with convenience in mind, so you can easily feed your pet a raw diet without any hassle. All of our products are safety-tested and meet the highest standards for quality and safety.

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Feed Your Pet With Real Food

Real Ingredients You Can Trust

Calgary Raw has only real, recognizable ingredients in its recipes. No by-product meals, fillers, artificial colors or preservatives to worry about. Just wholesome goodness in every bite!

Real food you can trust

We only use the finest ingredients in our recipes so you can feed your pet the same fresh, natural food you would eat yourself. Nothing artificial – just real meat, fruit and vegetables that nourish from within.

Nutrition that matters

Our recipes are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that provide balanced nutrition tailored to your pet’s specific needs. We make sure they get all the nutrition they need while avoiding all the unhealthy additives they don’t need.

Easy & convenient

We make it easy for you to feed your dog or cat the right food. Our products are delivered right to your door so you can spend less time shopping and more time enjoying quality time with your pet.

High Quality Ingredients

We only use natural ingredients in our Instinct Raw meals so you can be sure that your pet is getting all the nutrition they need without any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Nutrition for Life

Our meals are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals that your pet needs for sustained energy throughout the day. With Calgary Raw, you can be sure that your pet is getting all of the essential nutrition they need to live a healthy and happy life.

Preserve the Integrity of Every Ingredient

Our Instinct Raw meals are designed to preserve the integrity of every ingredient so that your pet can get all the essential nutrients they need from a balanced diet.

What People Say

Adam B. Kulick
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My dog loves Calgary Raw and it's made a huge impact on his life. He's always full of energy, his coat looks great, and he has no tummy issues at all. We've tried other brands of organic raw food but none compare to the quality of Calgary Raw. It's totally worth the higher cost to know that my pup is getting the best possible nutrition every day.
George R. Hurley
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I have been using Calgary Raw pet foods for my cats and dogs for the past few months, and I'm so impressed with the quality and taste of the food. My pets devour their meals every time, and I feel great knowing that I am giving them something healthy to eat. Plus, Calgary Raw is affordable and convenient - what more could you ask for? Highly recommend!
Debra Kitchens
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I recently switched my dog's food to Calgary Raw and it was the best decision I ever made. This product is the only one in the market that uses raw and natural ingredients which means it doesn't have any preservatives or added chemicals. It also tastes great, my dog loves it! Plus, I can really see a difference in her coat since switching to Calgary Raw. Highly recommended for all pet owners out there!
Flora J. Vasquez
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As a dog owner, I want the best possible quality of life for my pup. After researching and trying out different brands of food, I came across Calgary Raw and was immediately impressed with the ingredients and their commitment to providing organic, raw nutrition.
Leo Maes
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After trying several options, I've found that Calgary Raw is the best pet food for my dogs and cats. It's made with natural ingredients and provides all the necessary nutrients to keep them healthy. Not only that, but it also tastes great! My pets love it and I'm very satisfied with the results. Highly recommended!

For a Healthier Pet

At Calgary Raw we believe in providing pets with a diet that is tailored towards their needs so they can thrive! With our products you can rest assured knowing that your pet is getting the best nutrition without compromising on taste or quality.

More nutrition, less processing

We believe in using minimal processing so that you’re getting maximum nutrition for your pet. Less processing means better digestion and nutrient absorption, giving them all the nutrients they need without any added fillers or additives.

The freshest food on the market

Our products are freshly made to order daily so you can be sure that you’re getting the freshest product possible! We never use frozen or pre-made meals so you can trust that your pet is getting a meal made just for them.

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